Mikael Thalen
August 25, 2013 (page 2 of 2)

Earlier this year, a leaked Justice Department memo revealed that the Obama administration believes it has the authority to assassinate Americans anywhere in the world, even if there is no intelligence indicating that they are planning an attack against the US.

Despite the drone program being public knowledge, former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs recently admitted that he was ordered to act as if the drone program didn’t exist.

“When I went through the process of becoming press secretary, one of the first things they told me was, you’re not even to acknowledge the drone program,” Gibbs said to MSNBC. “You’re not even to discuss that it exists.”

A letter written by Attorney General Eric Holder also revealed that the administration believes it has the legal authority to kill US citizens on US soil without any due process, leading to Rand Paul’s now famous 13 hour filibuster. Due to the outcry, the Obama administration was forced to publicly say that they did not have the authority to kill Americans at home with predator drones.

Despite the administration’s alleged reversal on domestic drone policy, American approval of drone usage has dropped dramatically, especially in light of FBI Director Robert Mueller’s admission that the agency uses spy drones against American citizens.

This article originally appeared at SecretsOfTheFed.com.

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