Activists from the anti-migrant violence women’s movement 120dB stormed a panel on harassment and violence against women in the film and television industry at the Berlinale film festival holding a banner reading, “the voice of forgotten women.”

The female activists were promptly shouted at and labelled “Nazis” by the crowd at the panel who chanted “Nazis out!” while the women held their banner along with a sign showing a picture of 11-year-old Stockholm terror victim Ebba Akerlund, German broadcaster Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg reports.

(Banner reads: “Die Stimme der vergessenen Frauen”/”Voice of the forgotten women”)

Actress Jasmin Tabatabai, who sat on the panel, labelled the women “Nazis” saying: “It was probably neo-Nazis who thought they had to blow up the programme (…) I do not know if it really makes sense to debate with such people.”

Breitbart London spoke exclusively with 120dB activist Freya from Dresden who said: “The #120db movement is there to draw attention to the imported (sexual) violence against European women committed by mostly Muslim immigrants. We did not and never will negate that there are other forms of violence against women.”

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