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March 30, 2011

Matias Rojas of Verdad Ahora (Truth Now), who previously protested David Rockefeller’s visit to Chile, blasted the vision for an international order which President Obama’s visit represented. He was joined by a large group of activists opposing the policies advocated by Obama and Chilean President Sebastián Piñera, which includes a fusion of states throughout the Americas, destruction of borders and greater economic cooperation/integration between the South and North.

NWNoticias: After seeing 7 of our people being detained and then released, we managed to hijack again another 5 news cameras and continue our exposure of the truth. Here’s part 2 of our infobattle to dismantle the lies of the New World Order banking elite and bring the Chilean people into the light, while Obama is sitting in La Moneda talking with Piñera about a new partnership and the renewal of Bush senior’s idea to unify all economies from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.

CNN Chile cameras asked Matias Rojas about their large demonstration and ‘What does Obama’s visit to Chile represent?’

Rojas told them: “It represents multi-national interests that intend to rob our economic and social sovereignty. Many people have [written] about this, that began with this idea of globalizing the world until creating a world government .”

“For instance the banker David Rockefeller says it in his ‘Memoirs,’ on page 405, he says that a lot of people accuse him of being part of a select group of financiers [that are] trying to create a global union and he says that he stands guilty and he’s also proud of it. For that same reason, I went in January of this year to the airport and I told Mr. Rockefeller in his face to leave the country and that we were very aware of his project for the world.”

“Mr. Agustin Edwards was also joining him. The Edwards family has been very involved in robbing sovereignty to Chile. We see how the family has donated buildings for the Council on Foreign Relations here in Chile, or for instance, the fact that Agustin Edwards Mac Clure presided over the League of Nations, that was the first attempt to create this global union.”

Chilean President calls for EU-like union of Americas during Obama visit

Aaron Dykes
March 28, 2011

During President Obama’s visit to Latin America last week was a call for further integration of the Americas, as well as extended cooperation with Asia under a Trans-Pacific Partnership, that went almost unnoticed in the media. This is par for the course, as plans for borderless, regional government have patently development “by stealth” (as the documents released under FOIA request by Judicial Watch revealed).

Chile’s President Sebastián Piñera was quite direct in calling for “a new international order.”

Air Date March 21, 2011

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