Rebecca Kaplan
CBS News
December 12, 2013

With immigration reform off the table in 2013, activists are planning to converge on Washington one last time to pressure lawmakers for action – and assure them they’ll be back next year.

Advocates of a reform bill that want to see a pathway to citizenship for the roughly 11 million immigrants living illegally in the United States have gotten more aggressive in their efforts to convince the House Republican leadership to put a bill to a vote, stopping by their homes, offices and even breakfast spots, uninvited, to visit and pray. They’ve even heckled President Obama, who shares many of their objectives, asking him to unilaterally halt deportations.

On Thursday, they will gather for one last press conference in the U.S. Capitol and a visit with other activists who have been fasting to protest the lack of a vote in the House and have drawn visits from both President Obama and other congressional leaders. The Campaign for Citizenship is pledging that lawmakers will get “a taste of the 2014 campaign” if there is no reform bill put on the floor next year.

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