Yesterday the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released some intel which purports to implicate Russia for having armed the “rebels” in eastern Ukraine with what appears to be a mobile rocket launching platform and ended up “perhaps” aiding in the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. This is apparently the basis for the White House’s accusations that Russia is behind the downing of the flight.

It is patently ridiculous.

First of all, the images they released… came from “social media”… a Twitter account, presumably a Twitter account belonging to pro-Keiv activists in the area. (click on image for larger view)

Images claim show the movements of a surface-to-air missile launcher and build up of Russian military activity across the border.

BuzzFeed has dutifully taken up the baton and is helping press the Twitter evidence propaganda as best they can. They actually have “on the ground” witnesses who give statements to reporters about the mysterious missile launcher. But notice what they say:

Though convoys of heavy equipment have become a regular sight in Torez since the conflict between pro-Russian separatists and the government in Kiev started in April, workers in one store said that the one that passed through last Thursday was much louder than ones they had seen before.

The locals all asked not to be identified for fear of reprisal from the rebels, who control the town. Many of the residents who spoke to BuzzFeed denied knowing anything about the launcher or claimed that it had never passed through the town.

Moscow and the rebels both deny that the separatists ever possessed a Buk, though the rebels crowed about capturing one on Twitter and in Russian state media in late June. On Monday, Russian generals released data that they said showed Ukraine could have either shot the plane down from its own surface-to-air missiles in the area or from a fighter jet that trailed the plane. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko dismissed the accusations.

While the locals’ accounts do not prove that the rebels fired the missile, they do undermine their denials of ever owning such a systemBuzzFeed

Now, try to process that.

According to this reporter’s own words, the vast majority of “locals” denied seeing this massive LOUD machine rumbling through their TINY town and the few (one?) that did and attributed it to the “rebels” prefers to remain anonymous. How exactly does that undermine the separatists claim that they don’t own one of those systems?

Let’s put this another way:

The vast majority of U.S. citizens all agree that the current president is a man named Barack Obama but I have an unnamed source who claims that there never was a guy named Barack Obama and that what we all see is nothing more than a sock-puppet made by Dick Cheney and operated by vulture capitalist George Soros in his spare time.

I even have a picture from a social media source:

Now, that might not PROVE Obama is a sock puppet, but it definitely undermines his claim to the presidency, right? Right? No?

Oh well… not a good example I suppose. He is actually a sock puppet.  Never-mind.

It’s pretty sad when this is what our intelligence services are reduced to: combing Twitter for intel.

It’s also sad when this crap is passed onto the general public and they don’t immediately see through it and wonder aloud why we spend a trillion dollars a year for the intelligence services that apparently can’t do anything other than check hash-tags for incriminating evidence.

It is beyond ridiculous.

Mike Rivero over at What Really Happened summed it up nicely with his own version of social media evidence:

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