There have been numerous protests against Donald Trump, but few if any held against Hillary Clinton. Activists call Trump Hitler, a racist, a bigot, and sexist, but the label warmonger is inapplicable.

That’s not the case with Hillary. She has a solid track record as a warmonger and war criminal.

Finally, activists are calling her out on this.

On Sunday, there will be a demo held at Clinton’s Headquarters at Pierrepont Street and Cadman Plaza West in Brooklyn Heights, New York.

The following appeared on Facebook:

Demonstrate Against Hillary Clinton, Warmonger and Friend of Dictators

The Committee Opposed to Hillary Clinton’s Interventionism urges you to come to a rally before the NY primary to expose her criminal record as Secretary of State, to reveal what her foreign policy will ACTUALLY look like and to help build a long-term movement that will oppose Clinton throughout her campaign and if she becomes President.

Clinton Headquarters, Pierrepont St. & Cadman Plaza West, Brooklyn Heights
3 pm Sunday, April 17

This call comes in the wake of the assassination of indigenous rights and environmentalist activist, Berta Caceres, by the Honduran military regime. Caceres had charged Clinton with legitimizing the coup that brought that dictatorship to power. As Clinton boasted in Hard Choices, she had pushed for elections in the country immediately after the coup in order to prevent the return of the overthrown, democratically elected President Mel Zelaya. The Clinton supported coup facilitated foreign investment and the land grabs Berta fought against and allowed for continuation of US military and financial aid which enabled the subsequent terrorizing of the Honduran people through killings of political activists, legal intimidation, and violence.

Honduras is only one instance of Clinton’s interventionism. Haitians have been protesting outside her campaign headquarters against her rigging of elections in establishing the dictatorship of President Michel Martelly, who opened the country to foreign capital. The Washington Post called him a “favorite of the thugs who worked on behalf of the hated Duvalier family dictatorship.”

Clinton also oversaw the US-NATO invasion of Libya, the overthrow of Qaddafi and the genocidal slaughter of its population under humanitarian pretexts. acknowledged, even by her emails, to be lacking any evidence. In reality she joined France to prevent the implementation of Qaddafi’s plan to establish a pan-African currency, independent from the petrodollar.

Her emails also reveal that Clinton’s policy in Syria was to provoke a civil conflict in order to further US and Israel’s geopolitical interests, making her responsible for the carnage of more than 250,000 Syrians, the displacement of more than 10 million refugees and the destruction of the country. Her support of the so-called “moderate rebels” opposed to the Assad regime contributed to the spread of ISIS.

Clinton had ties to the Kiev government that was installed in a US-backed coup. A Ukrainian oligarch, Victor Pinchuk, had been the largest foreign contributor to the Clinton Foundation between 2008 and 2013. As presidential candidate she has advocated greater military and financial aid to the US-backed junta which threatens to put NATO troops on Russia’s border, effectively risking a Third World War.

Always a hawk, she was a fervent supporter of the attack on Iraq and not only supported the invasion of Afghanistan but pushed for even greater involvement.

Finally, Clinton defended the Israeli war on Gaza and is pledging to increase military aid to the right-wing Israeli government. She had repeatedly blocked UN initiatives condemning Israel’s violations of international humanitarian law, calling them, in a letter to her largest donor and Netanyahu supporter, Haim Saban, inherently just “anti-Israeli.”

Serving the Wall Street and military-industrial complex, Clinton will expand her criminal foreign policy record at the cost of unfulfilled promises to the American people and human misery throughout the world.

For further details or if you or your group are interested in participating or want to help build this action, contact: The Committee to Oppose Hillary Clinton’s Interventionism at [email protected]

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