Kurt Nimmo
October 16, 2011

Sean Penn told CNN’s Piers Morgan that he would like to see four more years of Goldman Sachs and the bankers in the White House.

“I would love to see Barack Obama be Bulworth. I’d love to see what I’ve always wanted to see, somebody run as a one term President and show me that people aren’t stupid. They do care about each other. And when he does the right things and takes on the controversies, he’s going to win the next election,” the actor rambled.

Bulworth is a 1998 Warren Beatty film. In the film, Beatty plays a washed-up and suicidal leftist senator running for president who contracts his own assassination.

Penn said the Tea Party wants to lynch Obama. He also threw his weight behind the amorphous Occupy Wall Street movement, which makes sense because it is almost as elusive in regard to what it wants as the actor is.

Penn’s performance reveals that he is essentially clueless unless he is reading from a script, an attribute he shares with Obama.

CNN has provided outtakes from the interview, but has disabled the embed feature. See the video here.

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