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January 10, 2009

On New Year’s Day in New Orleans, 22-year-old Adolph Grimes III was killed by nine undercover police officers in a shooting just down the block from his grandmother’s house. Grimes was shot at 48 times and hit 14 times. Twelve of those rounds, according to the coroner’s report and CNN, were to the back.

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Police contend that Grimes shot at them. They simply returned fire, killing him.

But Grimes had just left his grandmother’s house. His grandmother and father say he was waiting for his cousin in his rented SUV at 3 a. m. when gunfire erupted.

The police officers were part of narcotics task force patrolling the city New Year’s morning.

Adolph Grimes was a New Orleans native who had evacuated during Hurricane Katrina and settled in Houston, Texas. He had been a good high school student and had no criminal record. He rented the SUV New Year’s Eve and drove to New Orleans – a five-hour drive — to be with his family on New Year’s, which was a family tradition.

His father, Adolph Grimes Jr., said he made it with a second to spare.

Three hours later, he was dead.

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