A spokesman for the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) has called on the European Union and Germany to ban the far-left extremist group Antifa after U.S. President Donald Trump declared it would be designated a terrorist group.

AfD Spokesman on the Foreign Policy Committee of the German Bundestag Petr Bystron commended President Trump’s announcement made over the weekend in response to the ongoing riots raging across the United States.

“Donald Trump is doing the right thing in designating these violent extremist groups as terrorists. Antifa is an anti-democratic hate group whose radical left-wing ideology rejects the free market and freedom of speech,” Bystron said in a press release seen by Breitbart London.

“American Antifa is modelled on German Antifa and finds its supporters in the German mainstream media and politics. German Antifa stages regular violent attacks on AfD members like Frank Magnitz, hunted U.S. journalists like Tim Pool on the street in Hamburg at the G20 summit, and just two weeks ago put a union activist a coma in Stuttgart,” he added.

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