Patrick Markey
October 14, 2010

KABUL (Reuters) – Former detainees at a secret U.S. prison in Afghanistan say jailers mistreated them by depriving them of natural light, failing to provide proper food and withholding Red Cross visits, a report said Thursday.

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In the report by Open Society Foundations, established by billionaire George Soros, former Afghan detainees say they were abused at the classified detention center on Afghanistan’s U.S. Bagram airbase, north of Kabul.

The jail, the existence of which is not openly acknowledged by Washington, is separate from the main U.S. prison in Afghanistan, also at Bagram and now housed in a new $60 million complex that U.S. officials plan to hand over to Afghan control.

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Bagram became a symbol of prisoner abuse after U.S. troops beat two prisoners to death there in 2002 in the first year of the 9-year-old war. Washington says treatment at all of its jails in Afghanistan is now in line with international law.

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