A cruel crime occurred in Hamburg’s Moenckebergstrasse, one of the 10 busiest shopping streets in Germany, on Sunday morning.

A 14-year-old girl was allegedly raped in the center of Hamburg on Saturday by a 30-year-old Afghan man, the Die Welt newspaper reported.

According to the media, the suspect followed the girl, talking to her and pretending that they had known each other for a long time. When they reached Moenckebergstrasse, the man dragged his victim into a doorway and raped her, the newspaper said, citing the police.

The girl then, still followed by the man, took the subway to Hoheluftbruecke station and from there ran to a petrol station where she asked for help, the media reported, adding that the alleged rapist remained there until the police arrived.

It is unclear why the girl did not seek help right after the crime, as well as why no one had noticed.

According to the media, the man was drunk when he assaulted the girl and has a criminal record, having previously been charged of theft, assault and drug abuse.

Moenckebergstrasse is one of the 10 busiest shopping streets in Germany, with over 9,000 passing the spot per hour on Saturdays.

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