What’s worse: jihad or the sanction and support of its victims?

It is depravity, a sickness of the soul or perhaps it speaks more to a moral bankruptcy.

Like the daughter of one of the victims of the San Bernardino jihad slaughter, who said, “I just kind of didn’t understand how people could be that ignorant about another religion” said Kate Bowman, recalling the day her father, Harry Bowman, was murdered. Who doesn’t understand, Ms. Bowman? The dead or the jihadis?

This is hardly unique. Maria Ladenburger, the rape/murder victim of a Muslim migrant and whose father is a senior EU official, told people to not bring flowers to the funeral but give money to a pro-migrant organization that works to stop deportation of “refugees.”

These are the acts of a conquered people. Their daughter was brutally raped and murdered by a Muslim refugee and her parents are urging donations to an organization for migrants.

Unfortunately the organization “Weitblick Freiburg” deleted the Facebook posting with the comments, but this article reports that that Facebook users were outraged because Maria’s parents used her murder to raise funds for Muslim refugees.  “Weitblick Freiburg” works to stop the deportation of “refugees.”

Thanks to Markus who sent me the death notice (above) on Facebook. Assuming it is authentic, charity appeal is in the last sentence on the bottom.


Google translate:


4 December 2016, 12:07


Mit erst 19 Jahren musste Maria qualvoll sterben. 2

With only 19 years Maria had to die very well.

It must be inconceivable for parents: Her 19-year-old daughter, Maria L., never returned from a student party. On October 18 her body was found on the river Dreisam. The autopsy revealed that Maria was brutally raped and then unconsciously thrown into the river. There she drowned.

The perpetrator is a 17-year-old Afghan asylum seeker

The search for the culprit is finally over : A 17-year-old Afghan was due to one belonging to him black scarf, its probably refugee helpers donated bicycle and a black hair, which lay in the riverbed, converted and finally arrested. Its DNA corresponds to that found in the body of the victim. The perpetrator was illegally submitted to Germany in 2015 and was one of the so-called unaccompanied minor refugees. He had already appeared in the context of a fight, but was not deported.

Mary’s parents collected at the funeral for a refugee project

At the end of October, the parents of Maria L., who came from a middle-class academic family, had a mourning display in the FAZ. In this, they wrote that they did not want to get flowers at the burial as usual, but that the mourners should donate money instead: on the one hand for the education work of the Catholic Church in Bangladesh, on the other for the association “Weitblick Freiburg eV” .

“Weitblick Freiburg eV” makes the same day advertising against deportations

The latter has been massively for the interests of asylum seekers, which with the great asylum glut have come the last two years to Germany and is cynically explicitly active in Freiburg asylum centers. Even on the day when the assassination of the 17-year-old Afghans was struck by the murder of Maria L., the club did not shrink from moving the drum for asylum seekers and for deportations. This is a behavior that is not very important for many Facebook users.

In German:

Es muss für Eltern unfassbar sein: Ihre 19 Jahre junge Tochter Maria L. kehrte nie von einer Studentenparty zurück. Am 18. Oktober wurde ihre Leiche am Fluss Dreisam gefunden. Die Autopsie ergab: Maria wurde zunächst brutal vergewaltigt und danach bewusstlos in den Fluss geworfen. Dort ertrank sie.

Der Täter ist ein 17 Jahre alter afghanischer Asylbewerber

Die Suche nach dem Täter ist nun endlich vorüber: Ein 17 Jahre alter Afghane wurde auf Grund von einem ihm gehörenden schwarzen Schal, seinem vermutlich von Flüchtlingshelfern gespendeten Fahrrad und eines schwarzen Haares, welche im Flussbett lagen, überführt und nun endlich festgenommen. Seine DNA entspricht der am Leichnam des Opfers gefundenen. Der Täter war 2015 illegal nach Deutschland eingereist und zählte zu den so genannten unbegleiteten minderjährigen Flüchtlingen. Er war bereits im Rahmen einer Schlägerei strafrechtlich in Erscheinung getreten, wurde jedoch nicht abgeschoben.

Marias Eltern sammelten auf der Beerdigung für ein Flüchtlingsprojekt

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