Joe Pogany
December 3, 2009

Appearing at the final date of Al Gore’s and others’ “Made in America Clean Energy Jobs Tour” which was held in Pittsburgh on September 23rd 2009, the President of the AFL-CIO and member of President Obama’s PERAB (President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board), Richard Trumka, calls for a “New Economic Order” and “New rules on carbon emissions.”

On the eve of the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh, the president of the AFL-CIO and appointed member of PERAB (President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board) delivered a speech at Al Gore’s et al “Made In America Clean Energy Jobs Tour.” See part 2 of the video.

During Trumka’s nearly 10-minute speech, he makes repeated calls for a “New Economic Order.” At one point during his speech, Trumka ties together both the New World Order and carbon taxes by saying, “We need new rules on carbon emissions, we need a new economic order that addresses the global job crisis that Wall Street keeps exporting and exploiting.”


Mr. Trumka is basically trying to deceive the people into believing that there is essentially a ‘good’ and ‘bad’ New World Order by saying that “Unregulated globalization” has lead to our current economic crises. While the latter part of the statement is true, having “New rules on carbon emissions” is the NWO’s agenda to get the United States and the rest of the western world on the hook for a “Carbon Debt” as seen in the Copenhagen Treaty.

Founder and Chairman of the “Alliance for Climate Protection” Al Gore, stated in a recorded message at the rally, “Our Made in America Clean Energy Jobs Tour was a critical effort to show the power and the benefits of a transition to a truly clean energy economy. It’s no secret our economic crisis and the climate crisis are linked, and so are their solutions.” Again, the latter part of the statement is truthful on its face, however, Gore isn’t telling us that the NWO deliberately destroyed the United States’ economy and is now pitching “Good green jobs” and “Cap and Trade” as the way for us to rebuild it.

It’s classic Hegelian Dialect at its best (worst). They create the problem, reaction, and then offer their solution. Let us not follow Richard Trumka, Al Gore, or President Obama down the rat-hole into an abyss of “Global Governance.”

Let us expose these people and their fraud of Anthropogenic Global Warming, which only seeks to bring the United States under the hammer of the New World Order’s one-world government!

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