Kurt Nimmo
October 12, 2011

Earlier this week at the OWS on Manhattan, Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change tried to interview the former Special Advisor for Green Jobs in the Obama administration, Van Jones, about the demand by the families of 9/11 victims for a new investigation.

In the above video, Jones attempts to avoid answering the question. His security people manhandle Rudkowski on several occasions as the “Hero of the Environment” (as Time Magazine calls Jones) skirts away, apparently frightened by the mere mention of the dreaded event and those who suffered.

Jones, who was exposed as a radical leftist after his appointment by Obama, went down in flames for signing a 911Truth.org petition pointing out that the Bush administration had allowed the attack to happen.

Jones’ signing of the petition was used by neocons – most notably the disinfo operative Glenn Beck – and establishment Republicans to take him down. Beck and the Republicans, of course, are no friends of 9/11 truth and used Jones’ signing to claim he hates America.

Thanks to We Are Change, Van Jones will not be able to memory hole his one-time support for 911 truth and restore his career as a pimp for the left side of the false right-left paradigm.

Other activists need to take Luke’s lead and ask Van Jones why he does not support justice for the families victimized by the establishment in its murderous quest to foment a forever war on manufactured terrorism.

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