Trump has already delivered more hope and confidence than Obama did in eight years!

The left has always cloaked their intentions with promises of plenty for all, but time and time again they have proven to be sinister salesmen for the globalists, slowly eroding our freedoms and taxing us even deeper at every turn.

Trump promises to change that with sensible policy and laws that protect the economic engine of this nation, the middle class.

In the aftermath of the US election the leftists have blamed their loss on everything but their own incompetence and criminality.

They have taken to accusing Putin of manipulating the election, hypocritically forgetting all the foreign influence and support they themselves relied on. Putin tells them to grow up and face the consequences of their arrogance and failed policies.

Putin Tells Enraged Dems: Don’t Be Sore Losers

With the results of the US election derailing their plans, the globalists are now beating the drums for California to break free from the union.

Globalists Push for Californians to Secede From USA

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