The supervisor of a Long Island after-school program was fired from her position after explaining the events of the Sandy Hook school shooting to a group of children during a lockdown drill.

GiGi Kearns, a longtime program supervisor for SCOPE Education Services and former New York City Police Officer, was conducting a lockdown drill at the Dickinson Avenue Elementary School last Friday when she noticed a boy goofing off and dismissing the exercise’s importance.

“When I picked up kids on that evening, GiGi told me my son was one of the boys goofing around, giggling, laughing and not listening during the lockdown and that made her upset,” says Aya Blaney, the mother of one of the children.

Kearns separated the child and five other boys and proceeded to explain why the drill was so vital, including a description of the infamous shooting that reportedly took place in Newtown, Conn., on December 14, 2012.

“I am a retired NYC police officer trained to speak with children on sensitive subjects such as Sandy Hook,” Kearns told CBS New York.

“In order to make sense [of] this reference to these six boys,” Blaney says, “[Kearns] showed pictures of Adam Lanza, as well as photos of parents crying at the incident,” adding she herself was not disturbed by the after-school supervisor’s actions.

The parent of at least one of the other children, however, thought Kearns’ behavior so reprehensible they lobbied for her termination.

“Apparently, this parent was very upset and angry with GiGi and she took an action by contacting the principal, Associate Director for Student Services, SCOPE Education Services then a Superintendent of the district,” Blaney describes in a petition seeking the reversal of Kearns’ firing.

A representative for SCOPE told CBS the decision was made in the children’s “best interest.”

“We are aware of concerns of parents. All decisions are made in best interest of children attending our programs,” SCOPE said, declining to meet with parents to further discuss the matter.

There is seemingly no shortage of ridiculousness on Long Island. Just last week we reported on a school that punished a student for bringing a hot pepper to school, which he was intending to eat.

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