Daily Mail
January 12, 2010

So the Government, as the Daily Mail has revealed, is trying to get rid of £1billion-worth of unwanted swine flu vaccine – because the deadly epidemic they were promising us all last year never materialised.

[efoods]Several things are shocking about this revelation, not least the charge by the Council of Europe’s head of health that major drug companies might have leaned on the World Health Organisation (WHO) to stoke up last year’s scare by warning that swine flu could be a worldwide ‘pandemic’ killing tens of millions.

Certainly, those companies have made vast fortunes out of selling the vaccines which, at our expense, are now having to be flogged off at give-away prices.

But in a way most shocking of all is that this scandalous waste of public money – and the wild over-reaction which gave rise to it – was entirely predictable.


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