President Trump’s not the only avid Infowars fan.

On Monday, editor-in-chief Matt Drudge posted a tweet depicting part of his afternoon news consumption, which includes listening to political commentary from Rush Limbaugh and Infowars’ Alex Jones.

“Afternoon in America,” Drudge tweeted, with screenshots of Rush and Jones doing their respective talk shows, while is pulled up on screens behind them.

Jones’ show that day centered on Drudge’s main story, a contentious Twitter spat between freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) and President Donald Trump, where the two traded barbs over her and other House Democrats’ recent anti-American sentiments.

Escalating an already heated back-and-forth, Trump suggested Omar go back to Somalia and fix the broken government there before presuming to lecture Americans on how to run the country.

It’s no surprise Drudge enjoys watching The Alex Jones Show. The media mogul famously chose Infowars as the venue for a prescient October 2015 interview where he predicted Alex Jones and Infowars would soon be censored by social media companies.

Check out Monday’s full broadcast of The Alex Jones Show:

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