Kurt Nimmo
May 10, 2010

The fizzle firecracker and cook-out gas can non-bomb planted in Times Square to scare the American people into supporting the forever war against largely mythical Islamic terrorism was pulled off by the Pakistan Taliban, according to AG Holder.

AG Holder on ABC’s “This Week.”

“We’ve now developed evidence that shows that the Pakistani Taliban was behind the attack,” Holder said on ABC over the weekend. ““We know that they helped facilitate it. We know that they probably helped finance it. And that he was working at their direction.”

Translation: the incompetent Faisal Shahzad supposedly worked for a group that has direct ties to Pakistani and American intelligence. Such historical facts, however, are irrelevant to the larger objective — keeping the patently fake war against manufactured and grossly exaggerated terrorism alive and also providing an excuse to continue drone attacks that mostly kill civilians in Pakistan. In the above video, Secretary of State Clinton tells us the people of Pakistan can expect the mass murder by way of unmanned drone to continue.

“The Taliban was a construct of the CIA and was armed by the CIA,” admitted Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher. Mr. Rohrabacher should know. He was involved in Afghanistan intrigues in the early 1980s when he worked in the White House as Special Assistant to then US President Ronald Reagan.

“Having been closely involved in US policy toward Afghanistan for some twenty years, I have called into question whether or not this administration has a covert policy that has empowered the Taliban and enabled this brutal movement to hold on to power. Even though the President and the Secretary of State have voiced their disgust at the brutal policies of the Taliban, especially their repression of women, the actual implementation of US policy has repeatedly had the opposite effect,” Rohrabacher told the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommitee on South Asia on April 14, 1999.

Rohrabacher also said the Clinton administration — Holder’s old boss — worked with Saudi Arabia to create the Taliban.

Congressman Jim McDermott told CNN in 2002 that the U.S. created the Taliban and placed the group of fanatics in Afghanistan. From a CNN transcaript:

MCDERMOTT: It certainly is an improvement for the women of Afghanistan. But you’ve got to remember that of American policy, we put the Taliban there. We gave the money to the..

CARLSON: I beg your pardon?

MCDERMOTT: … Pakistanis.

CARLSON: You’re breaking news here, Congressman. I don’t think this has ever been reported before in the United States.

MCDERMOTT: Oh, yes, it has been. We funded the Taliban through the Pakistanis, and all that money — we could have cut off that money and stopped what was going on. We knew what was going on there.

At one point there was a video of this exchange on YouTube, but YouTube claimed the truth about the Taliban violated its terms of service (more like terms of omission) and swept it off to the memory hole.

“I warned them that we were creating a monster,” Selig Harrison from the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars said in 2001. “The CIA made a historic mistake in encouraging Islamic groups from all over the world to come to Afghanistan.” Harrison told the CIA “these people were fanatical, and the more fierce they were the more fiercely they would fight the Soviets.”

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The CIA has a long and sordid history or working with fanatics, murderers, sadistic dictators, drug dealers, the Mafia, and other assorted criminals, psychopaths and hired assassins. The Taliban and the Afghan Mujahideen were two of their most ambitious efforts to date.

The CIA knew exactly what it was doing when it created the Taliban with the eager assistance of Pakistan’s ISI and Saudi Arabia. It was not a mistake and the CIA does not regret it. The CIA added more than $3 billion to the national debt owed to bankers when they shipped in miscreant Muslims from around the world to the impoverished country of Afghanistan and created the Mujihadeen, the Taliban, and later al-Qaeda.

Madame Secretary of State Clinton has issued threats against Pakistan for not invading one of its own provinces and killing its own citizens. In 2009 she readily admitted the United States created the Taliban.

“And the United States, to some extent, has to acknowledge being among the creators of the problem we are now dealing with. It seemed like a great idea back in the ‘80s to embolden and train and equip Taliban, Mujaheddin, Jihadists against the Soviet Union, which had invaded Afghanistan. And with our help and with the Pakistani support, this group, including, at that time, bin Ladin, defeated the Soviet Union, drove them out of Afghanistan eventually, saw the fall of the government that they had installed, and the rest we know – they eventually took over,” she told Katie Couric.

Clinton admits U.S. role in creating the Taliban. See also The Taliban and the Clinton Administration.

Clinton should know. Her husband used the Mujahideen to destabilize Serbia and the Balkans. A lengthy congressional report issued by the Republican Party Committee details how Clinton “helped turn Bosnia into a militant Islamic base” leading to the recruitment through the so-called “Militant Islamic Network,” of thousands of Mujahideen from the Muslim world. You didn’t hear about it at the time because the corporate media was busy with the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Islamic fanatics trained by the CIA were killing people in Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Chechnya when the embassies were bombed in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998. The government and corporate media began to spin the myth of an al-Qaeda that hates us for our freedom.

It should be obvious by now that Faisal Shahzad is a patsy and the absurd Times Square non-bombing like the Christmas Day non-bombing before it are being used to perpetuate the phony war on manufactured global terrorism and also as part of a pretext to continue the illegal drone attacks inside Pakistan.

It really is sincerely amazing how effortlessly the corporate media engages in reshaping the story of the Times Square non-bombing. For instance, in the hours following the fizzle event we were told a white man was responsible and the “authorities” produced security camera video to make their case. A few hours later this video made its way to the memory hole and Faisal Shahzad and the Taliban emerged as the culprits.

Is it possible we will ever find out who this white man is? Liberals were hysterical at the time claiming he was from the Tea Party. More than likely, he was an intelligence operative. Is there a reason we have not seen a video of Shahzad at the scene? Of course here is. Shahzad is a patsy and he was nowhere near the fizzle bomb at the time. Everything about the event and its relation to the CIA’s Taliban is pure fiction.

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