Terrorist groups exploit the internet for hacking and global outreach, the impact of which could soon become no less dangerous than that of weapons of mass destruction, a senior Russian security official warned.

The rapid development of technology allows terrorists to “even more actively” use the internet for “recruitment, attracting funds, hacking and other cybercrimes,” the deputy secretary of Russia’s Security Council, Yury Kokov, said at a security-themed event in the city of Ufa in central Russia.

The official said the internet has become the “main mechanism” for various extremists to “control their scattered forces and resources,” while there are currently around 30,000 “extremist and terrorist websites” online.

Vladimir Putin recently made comments on the seriousness of global conflicts that can lead to nuclear conflict.

“This allows us to conclude that an age of technological and digital terrorism is approaching. In terms of consequences, [this type of terrorism] may be comparable to the weapons of mass destruction in the nearest future.”

Kokov also highlighted the “unending attempts” of terrorists to gain access to “the data on making components of nuclear, chemical and biological” weaponry.

Another surprising tactic that he mentioned is that terrorist groups have begun training frogmen. Kokov said they use divers to “place mines in ports and seize civilian vessels, mostly oil tankers and gas freighters.”

The New York Times has falsely claimed the Trump administration targeted Russia with cyber attacks in an attempt to provoke Russia into an actual war with the U.S.

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