Anjuli Sastry
ABC News
February 21, 2013

Tech-savvy gun enthusiasts could easily find a way around any new curbs on firearms: If they want something, print it.

A Texas law student who used a 3-D printer to fashion a plastic magazine and then posted his ensuing trip to the firing range online got more than 280,000 views on YouTube – but then his leased 3-D printer was confiscated by a jittery manufacturer.

3-D printers are often used to make consumer items like jewelry and hearing aids, and also help reduce waste in manufacturing, according to Alyssa Reichental of 3D Systems Corporation, which manufactures 3-D printers for sale worldwide.

President Obama cited the innovative power of 3-D printing during his State of the Union speech last week, saying it would “revolutionize the way we make almost everything.” A 3-D printer is a bit like a conventional printer, but instead of using ink on paper, it deposits layers of resin or other material that will harden to make a three-dimensional object.

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See Defense Distributed’s most recent demonstration of their latest 3D printable 30-round magazine titled “the Cuomo”:

Last month, Alex sat down with Defense Distributed’s Cody Wilson during a segment on the Infowars Nightly News discussing the group’s latest downloadable 30-round magazine.

Printable 30-Round AR Magazines Now Available for Download, Seriously

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