As Old-Thinker News has documented, the China model has been praised around the globe as the proper response to Coronavirus despite horrific examples of human rights abuses and a systematic coverup of the true nature of the outbreak.

America was founded on the idea of inalienable rights granted to human beings from their creator.

Now, tyranny is knocking on our door.

President Trump is being pressured to conform to the China model, ushering in an Asian World Order long planned by globalists.

This new order will come with severe restrictions on travel, pervasive surveillance, technocratic governance and an overall shift from constitutional governance to artificial intelligence algorithms.

So far, governors (predominantly democrat run states) are acting on their own to set the precedent for locking down citizens in response to COVID-19.

President Trump must resist pressure to eviscerate the U.S. Constitution in a federal response to this crisis.

Tyranny will only exacerbate the crisis.

In the wake of the coronavirus hysteria, total suspension of individual freedom hangs in the balance.

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