Cassandra Anderson
February 1, 2010

The Globalists have allowed Obama to throw you and me under the bus again, continuing the collectivist blueprint, set by Agenda 21, Sustainable Development, with the new High Speed Rail system. “PJ O’Rourke sums it up in simple terms:

High Speed Rail system.

“Politicians love trains. Why? Because they can tell where the tracks go. They know where everybody’s going. For politicians it’s all about control and power. Politicians hate cars because cars make people free.” (1)

Before detailing the specifics of why bullet trains are impractical, we will switch tracks here to gain a deeper understanding of the Globalists’ scheme and how bullet trains fit into the agenda. “In an interview with Michael Shaw,, he explained that”when you understand the intent of the Globalists’ action plan, Agenda 21, Sustainable Development, it becomes very clear that the government spending and debt not only serve to bankrupt individuals, but also to install new structures of control. “These structures at the local level are called “Smart Growth”.

The transportation system of the New World Order excludes private auto mobility. “In an effort to remove people from cars, traffic congestion is allowed to grow exponentially, with a refusal, by planners, to expand highways and accommodate more traffic. “Of course, local and state governments are influenced by federal money, and thereby under its control, falling prey to its designs.

Smart Growth solutions are offered as a substitute increase Collectivists’ control. “These “solutions” include creating living areas where travel is discouraged (high rises on top of storefronts so you never have to leave the area) and offering public transportation, in order to get us out of our private automobiles. “This evaporates our unalienable rights on several levels: exterminating freedom by limiting movement, travel and choice, as well as ultimately abolishing private property (privately owned cars- and everything else you think you own).

Shaw explained that there are 2 plans that the collectivists have prepared to implement their program of complete domination:

1. Maintaining a controlled industrialized society, achieved by depopulation of the planet by 85%, down to 1 billion people, or

2. Creating peasant societies that can “sustain” 5 to 7 billion people worldwide (2)


A modern version of one world government mandates an end to personal mobility, via private cars. “The purpose of this is not only total control, but to clear humans from 50% of America’s landscape. “Please refer to the Agenda 21 map to see the heavy concentration of populations in cities, while vast swathes of land are vacated for “Wildlands”. “Because a limited amount of mobility will be required in a controlled society, trains are the perfect solution to regulate travel and destroy choice. “Remember that the Globalists take a long view when designing their infrastructures.

Agenda 21 Sustainable Development has already barreled, like a locomotive, into your“city, county and state. “For example, many cities have “light rail” systems, designed to get individuals out of their cars. “This is achieved by city and urban planners encouraging growth in some areas, and stifling it in other areas, thus directing where humans live. “The common methods used are limiting road expansion, limiting parking, subsidizing public transportation, etc.

Regarding “light rail” systems, the local junior partner to the High Speed Rail, a great example of the failure of this infrastructure, which was designed to consolidate people and mobility, is in San Jose. “The problem with the system lies in the fact that San Jose is a post- automobile city- meaning it was built mainly after 1950. “Few jobs are located downtown; instead, they are spread throughout the urban area. “Rail is totally inappropriate for such an urban area, and the cost is not viable, so the taxpayers pick up the tab. (3)

The top reasons why the High Speed Rail is a train wreck:

1. Financially, it is a joke: the largest fast rail subsidy was awarded to California, in the amount of $2.3 billion dollars for a train to run between San Francisco and Anaheim. “A grossly conservative estimate of the actual cost is $ 42 billion dollars for the system. “Therefore, the federal government has provided less than 5.5% of the monumental funds needed to complete this travesty. “The State is expected to match federal funding, while California is on the precipice of declaring bankruptcy. The cost per trip is estimated at $50, to be funded by subsidies derived from taxes as opposed to ticket sales.(4) “At a minimum, taxpayers around the country have been fleeced for $2.3 billion dollars as selected useful idiots will get the jobs.

2. Trains in Japan and Europe differ from America because of population density. “For example, Japan has 880 people living within one square mile, 653 people in Britain per square mile, while there are an average of only 86 people populating one square mile in the U.S., as there is a far greater land mass in the U.S. “The enormous inconvenience will make this system unpopular.(5)”

3. Obama has promised that this endeavor will create many new jobs. “The truth is that most of the equipment and supplies will be outsourced to companies from France, Spain and Asia.(4) “

4. The trains will be anything but fast, most moderate speed trains will run at 110 mph, with an average of 70 mph. “California’s train will top out at 220 mph, for an average speed of 140 mph. (6)”

5. This is not an answer to the concerns of climate change alarmists as most trains will run on diesel fuel, and the electric trains aren’t much better because electricity in the U.S. is generated primarily from coal and fossil fuel.”

The Light at the End of the Tunnel:

The key to ending Agenda 21 Sustainable Development is recognizing it. “Education and information pave the the road to freedom. “One must understand the strategies of the Globalists to expose the lies and stop them in their tracks. “You can learn more about solutions at Michael Shaw’s website at “



2. U.N. Global Biodiversity Assessment Report, page 773:””Whittaker and Likens (1975) have estimated that an ‘agricultural world’ in which most human beings are peasants, should be able to support 5 to 7 billion people, probably more if the large agricultural population were supported by an industry-promoting agricultural activity. In contrast, a reasonable estimate for an industrialized world society at the present North American material standard of living would be one billion…”





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