Kurt Nimmo
March 5, 2013

Last month’s hope of a constructive outcome during nuclear talks between Iran and the West in Kazakhstan were dashed this week as the AIPAC meeting commenced in Washington.

2013 AIPAC confab dwells on Iran attack.

On Monday, Joe Biden made it clear that Obama is behind an attack on Iran. He told attendees Obama’s policy “is to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. Period. Period. End of discussion.”

“We have to stop Iran’s nuclear enrichment program before it’s too late,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said via satellite. “Words alone will not stop Iran. Sanctions alone will not stop Iran. Sanctions must be coupled with a clear and credible military threat if sanctions fail.”

Arizona Senator John McCain, who chanted “Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran” during a campaign stop in 2007, gave a harsh critique of Obama’s foreign policy during AIPAC’s Monday’s Foreign Policy Roundtable. “[The Iranians] must understand that there is no space between the United States and Israel,” McCain said. “They believe in Tehran right now that there is space between the United States and Israel … We need members of the National Security team who are pro-Israel, not anti-Israel.”

Obama’s top adviser on Iran in the National Security Council, the globalist Dennis Ross, who is a member of both the CFR and the Trilateral Commission, said the P5+1 negotiation strategy that showed promise has failed. “It’s time to go to an endgame,” Ross said Sunday. The “Iranians have been playing the rope-a-dope strategy,” he added. “If you’re denying an excuse [for refusing an agreement], and the Iranians don’t respond, then maybe the position of the P5+1 has to be […] alright, we are beginning to lose patience.”

The Bush era neocon ideologue and senior fellow for Middle East studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, Elliott Abrams, was less sanguine. “I worry about what I see in the papers,” said George W. Bush’s former deputy national security adviser. “It appears to me we are negotiating with ourselves. We see no concessions with Iran.” Abrams said “the goal of sanctions is to prevent them from getting closer to a nuclear weapons capability, and we are failing to do that.”

Congress has also inched closer to a military confrontation with Iran. South Carolina Republican senator Lindsey Graham has sponsored a resolution calling for rejecting “containment” of Iran in favor of the often cited “military option” under the guise of protecting Israel. Overwhelming majorities in both chambers support the resolution. “The Congress is ready to do what is necessary to support military intervention if sanctions don’t work,” Graham said.

“I think it is the challenge of our time. We are really going to be defined by Iran’s quest for a nuclear weapon,” Graham told his colleagues. “If we hit Iran, we open Pandora’s box. If they get a nuclear weapon, we empty Pandora’s box,” he explained. “We win, they lose.” He also said that Iran’s nuclear program would not be the only target. If the United States attacks, “you are not just going to hit one mountain. You’d try to take down the country’s defense system.”

The chorus call for an attack on Iran will likely reach a crescendo in April when Obama treks to Israel and meets with Netanyahu. “They want to have a better understanding,” Dennis Ross said, “of when does prevention as objective fail, and force become inevitable.”

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