LeeAnn Tweeden, a model, sports broadcaster and TV host, has revealed the behind the scenes harassment she endured on a USO tour with Senator Al Franken emceeing.

Back in January Franken went for the jugular on the GOP, championing sexual assault victims.

Franken’s hypocrisy even went so far as to call for silencing dissent among American media.

The power trip isn’t just resonating from Franken’s office, two unnamed current members of Congress have engaged in sexual harassment, one of them allegedly exposing themselves to a staffer.

Jackie Spier also recently revealed that that Congress has paid out 260 harassment settlements in the last 20 years to the tune of 15 million taxpayer dollars.

Talk about hypocrisy!

Its gotten so bad that Congressional staffers have signed an open letter demanding mandatory harassment training for the hordes of perverted power mad congressmen and women darkening the doorsteps of our nation’s capital. Al Franken should resign today, because he ’s simply the first domino to fall.

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