Editor’s Note: The Turkistan Islamic Party fighters have long established links to Al Qaida, and have already been deployed in ops throughout Central Asia and the Middle East. They are by all accounts, one tentacle in the Al Qaida international mercenary force used by western intelligence agencies including the CIA, MI6 and Mossad, in order to foment domestic unrest and create antagonism between nation-states. This latest incident in western China can be viewed as another such episode in what Zbigniew Brzezinski referred to as ‘The Grand Chessboard‘. Note also, that in this article the CIA’s very own Al Qaida media hang-out, Intel Center, is quoted as an expert source, further indication that this event was actually coordinated and run by western intel agencies.


September 8, 2011

A militant Muslim group has released a video claiming responsibility for recent attacks in western China that killed at least three dozen people, a US group that monitors such organisations said.

The video was purportedly made by the Turkistan Islamic Party, which seeks independence for China’s western Xinjiang region, the Site Intelligence Group said. The militants are believed to be based in Pakistan, where security experts say core members have received training from al-Qaida.

Xinjiang is home to largely Muslim ethnic Uighurs who say an influx of China’s majority Han to the region has led to their marginalisation. The region erupted in violence two years ago with ethnic riots in which at least 197 people were killed.

Since then security in the region has been stepped up, but that was not enough to prevent violence in the cities of Hotan and Kashgar in July that left dozens dead in a spree of slashings, arson and hit-and-run attacks.

The more than 10-minute long video, released in late August, features Turkistan Islamic party leader Abdul Shakoor Damla, whose face is blotted out, saying the attacks were revenge against the Chinese government.

Ben Venzke, of the Washington-based IntelCenter, another agency that monitors militant groups, said the group had threatened to attack the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and should be taken seriously.

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