A Nigerian national and confessed Al Qaeda member was found guilty Thursday by a U.S. federal court Thursday for participating in a 2003 attack in Afghanistan that killed two U.S. servicemen and for conspiring to bomb a U.S. embassy in West Africa in 2005.

Suleiman Adnan Adam Harun, 46, who joined al-Qaeda weeks before the Sept. 11 terror attacks, made it his life mission to kill U.S. soldiers on behalf of high-ranking al-Qaeda officials, federal prosecutors in Brooklyn, New York, said.

Harun, known by his nom de guerre Spin Ghul, was convicted of all counts and handed life in prison after just two hours of deliberations by the New York City jury. Prosecutors played audio recordings of Harun describing how he dreamed of joining “jihad” since his childhood.

“The defendant embraced terrorism at a young age and made it his life’s work,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Matt Jacobs said in his opening statement.

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