Al-Qaeda released a video of ISIS militants flubbing their lines while trying to renew their pledge of allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The ISIS fighter in the video has been identified as Abu Muhammad al-Adeni, according to the Telegraph. The video, shows a chirping bird repeatedly interrupting al-Adeni, causing him to forget his lines.

A caption at the beginning of the video reads, “Look O viewing brother at this scene and [how] they are practising [their scene] in order to show it as spontaneous when, actually, it is a scene they acted out,” according to the Evening Standard.

Both ISIS and Al-Qaeda have been competing for territory and influence in Yemen, as both groups combat the Shia Houthi militia, according to the Telegraph. Both groups have launched internet propaganda campaigns against each-other.

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Former FBI official turned MSNBC analyst Frank Figliuzzi, who sees Hitler in everything Trump does, stated on a live broadcast this week that Trump supporters are a lot like terrorists rallying around a figurehead.

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