Ramdane Belamri
February 25, 2013

Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQMI) tried to establish a low-profile Islamist state in northern Mali without drawing the attention of Western and regional powers, according to a document uncovered in Timbuktu and believed to bear the signature of the group’s leader Abdul Malek Drukdal.

The handwritten document, published by Algerie 1 news website, dates back to July 20, 2012 and describes a plan devised by the AQMI’s leader, to establish an Islamist state in the Azawad region, north of Mali.

The document, which was reportedly found after the French forces overrun the city of Timbuktu, is thought to have been written by Drukdal himself and contains notes about the war in northern Mali and the issues that needed to be addressed by the commanders of the terrorist group.

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