Nasser Arrabyee
Yemen Observer
December 16, 2011

The Yemen two top leaders of Al Qaeda in Arabian Peninsular (AQAP) left their hideouts in the southern province of Shabwah to new hideouts in the north-east province Al Jawf, said local sources on Tuesday.

The sources said that the Yemeni Nasser Al Wahayshi (top leader of AQAP) and Saudi Saeed Al Shehri (deputy) left Shabwah early this month to unknown new hideouts in Al Jawaf and Mareb where recruiting and training young people has become easier than any other places.

The sources added that hundreds of young people were sent from Al Jawf and Mareb to Al Qaeda-held towns in the south like Jaar, Zinjubar, in Abyan and Al Huta in Shabwah over the last six months.

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