A federal grand jury indicted the Alabama police officer who slammed a 57-year-old man from India to the ground, leaving him partially paralyzed, the Justice Department announced Friday.

Footage of the Feb. 6 encounter, captured on two dashboard cameras, sparked widespread outrage and condemnation from Indian government officials. It also led to a slew of donations for 57-year-old Sureshbhai Patel, who had just arrived in the United States to help care for his prematurely born grandson.

Eric Parker, 26, was indicted late Thursday on one felony count of using unreasonable force, Justice Department officials said. The indictment, which refers to Patel as “S.P.,” states that Parker deprived Patel of his right to be free from unreasonable use of force by police. Patel’s injuries also were noted.

“Police officers are sworn to uphold the law and protect the public. The public must be able to trust the police,” U.S. Attorney Joyce White Vance said in a statement. “Law enforcement officers who violate their oath to protect and use excessive force must be brought to justice.”

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