Pete Winn
March 19, 2009

Geneva County (Ala.) Sheriff Greg Ward tells that he was the one who called in U.S. Army troops from Fort Rucker, Ala., on the night of March 10 – during one of the bloodiest murder sprees in Alabama history.

[efoods]“I got a message from my 911 dispatcher that said we had a call from a lieutenant colonel at Ft. Rucker just to let us know that Ft. Rucker was there if we needed generators, lights, equipment and stuff like that. I told the dispatcher that I would get back with them,” Ward told in a telephone interview.

“You’ve got to understand, there was so much going on at one time – we had so many crime scenes over a 20-some odd mile stretch. It was determined that we might be going way into the night on some of these crimes scenes – and when I say crime scenes, I mean people still laying on porches, or the side of the road or whatever, dead.”

Former Samson, Ala., resident Michael McLendon shot and killed nine people in Samson and a 10th victim in a nearby community before killing himself on March 10.

“I called my dispatcher if she could contact the lieutenant colonel and ask him, ‘Could we get assistance from them, with up to 25 military police to simply come in and be able to relieve our officers on barricades where traffic was being deterred, to allow our officers to get something to eat and take a break?’

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