Fox News peddled a fake story Saturday suggesting Infowars host Alex Jones was the culprit of an armed standoff with police after a high-speed chase.

In the now-deleted tweet, Fox 17 Nashville showed a smiling Alex Jones with the details of a news story below saying, “Police officers have surrounded a suspect involved in a high-speed chase near Burbank, California. Suspect is armed with a knife.”

FoxNashville deleted the tweet after Infowars host Owen Shroyer brought attention to the fake news and hateful comments on social media.

Infowars reached out to Fox 17 Nashville for comment but has not yet received a reply as of this writing.

This comes amid Big Tech and the mainstream media’s continued censorship and disinformation brigading against Jones and Infowars.

Earlier this week, Business Insider lobbied Instagram to flag an Infowars post showing a well-known New World Order painting, accusing it of promoting anti-Semitism.

Alex Jones breaks down how officials at Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, have released statements to mainstream media outlets suggesting that his account may be banned for anti-semitic comments. These comments were not made by Alex Jones, but were in fact made by other Instagram users and primarily consist of slurs that paint Alex Jones’ Infowars as being part of and protecting some sort of Jewish conspiracy theory as a “shill” simply because he believes in Israel’s right to exist.

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