The run-up to the 2020 election is heating up, and the leftist mainstream media is doing everything in its power to derail and demonize the Trump campaign and America.

In a time when it’s crucial for the people to have a voice, Alex Jones and Infowars are launching a host of new shows leading up to the election.

Our three main shows will continue to air in their original time slots:

David Knight Show: 8AM – 11AM CT
Alex Jones Show: 11AM – 3PM CT, Sunday 4-6PM CT
War Room: 3PM – 6PM CT

**We’re adding new nightly broadcasts and two new weekend shows, on top of the weekly Sunday broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, 4PM – 6PM CT.**

Weeknights, Monday – Friday: 7PM – 9PM CT
Saturday: 2PM – 4PM CT
Sunday: 6PM – 8PM CT

As always, you can catch the streams at and

Spread the word so others can also know to tune in!

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