October 22, 2011

In a second round encounter with Border Patrol agents at the checkpoint 98 miles from the Texas-Mexico border, Alex and his family stand up to goons who try to search his vehicle without any warrant or reason. The whole system is not designed to stop drugs or illegal immigrants, but to make Americans feel guilty until proven innocent, as if they’d done something wrong. Agents admitted they were using their sniffing dogs to search for narcotics and human odor, despite the double-speak statement that they were checking citizenship status and ‘not’ looking for drugs.

Alex Exposes Unconstitutional Internal Checkpoint Round 2

Alex also features his latest video recorded earlier in the week at an internal checkpoint in southern Texas. He informed Border Patrol agents that they risked being sued if they violated his Fourth Amendment right by demanding he allow them to search his vehicle without probable cause or a warrant.

Alex went through the same checkpoint a few weeks before, with a near standoff to stand-up for his and his family’s rights to be free in their persons and possessions.

Exposing Internal Checkpoints: Nightly News Report

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