Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Austin-based talk show host Alex Jones has made the first major format change to his popular radio show in 10 years, adding an incredible fourth hour of broadcast time and streaming a live video feed over the Internet.

Launched yesterday, the extra hour, audio of which is available for free at, affords Jones more time for his much-loved rants as well as an opportunity to cover additional news items and invite more guests.

Live video streaming of the fourth hour to Prison subscribers gives viewers the inside track to a behind the scenes look at the sometimes chaotic, and always passionate, studio environment and persona of the host as he battles the New World Order on a daily basis.

Jones takes full advantage of an external video feed cam and a document cam to document his claims as well as illustrate hot topics covered – and uncovered – during the show.

Subscribers will also have access to on-demand video archives of the show after each broadcast.

Prison forum members were excited to learn of the change after it was announced yesterday and expressed excitement at the expansion, which is intended to be an embryonic step into the cutting edge world of an eventual online video TV network.

"This was too cool, to have just started listening about a month ago, and now be here for this next step into reclaiming the Truth in Broadcasting!" wrote one.

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