Alex Jones
September 17, 2010

Editor’s note: Help us take the Infowar to the next level by donating to the Infowar Moneybomb at the recently launched website. You can donate via Pay Pal or at the Alex Jones Infowars Store.

First and foremost, I would like to thank all of you for your past and present support in making the Alex Jones Show and the Infowars operation the fantastically effective success it is today. Since its modest beginning more than fifteen years ago, our effort has grown exponentially and become increasingly influential and more powerful than any of us initially imagined. Due to your continued support, our message of liberty and a free humanity has gone viral on the internet — reaching well over 200 million people — despite a determined effort by the establishment to shut down our operation. Millions listen to and watch the Alex Jones Show six days a week.

If we are to extend our reach and awaken more people and reach critical mass, we need to expand the operation and defeat efforts by the New World Order to shut us down. Part of this effort is a dynamic social network, now under construction, that will provide a forum and a virtual meetup for activists and kindred spirits. This network has so far cost us $100,000 and will require additional staff for its operation and maintenance. The network represents a key and essential element in the information battle against the elite as they consolidate and move to close down alternative media, be it delivered via the internet or by way of more traditional media such as radio and television.

Our flagship websites, and, have surpassed most other corporate media websites in popularity and regular readership. Millions of people travel to our websites every week to seek out news and information either omitted or sent to the memory hole by the corporate media. Our web presence needs to accelerate if we are to attract more truth-seekers and those now beginning to awaken from their informational sleep.

Construction on our new media studio and offices that expanded two years ago from 4,000 to 7,500 square feet and now to over 14,000 feet is complete and needs cameras, lighting, switchers, computers, office equipment, and staff in order to become operational. Our plan is to produce and deliver multiple programs every week and reach even more people and arm them with the vital information needed to confront the global crime syndicate as it imposes a sinister eugenics endgame on humanity. Because night is falling and we are headed into the darkness of tyranny, we need to redouble our efforts. The new studio and media operations are crucial to the resistance. It is essential we all stand up and take action now.

As the MIAC report leaked to us last year reveals, the establishment and its militarized police are more worried about alternative media than guns or violence. Our patriot media effort is so effective the corporate dinosaur Fox News and Glenn Beck have attempted to imitate it.

The banker engineered economic depression is now unfolding at full speed and with it demands by the elite for a one-world government that will tightly control all information and media. It is essential they not be allowed to realize their perverse dream of a scientific dictatorship and a high-tech control grid. If we allow them to get away with this, real media will be extinguished and we will enter a new dark age of control and ultimately a methodical process of elimination. Now is the time to grow the Infowar so they can’t shut it down.

Time is short and of the essence. The establishment understands all too well that if we build a media network capable of resisting their tireless effort to circumvent the truth, we will ultimately realize victory and move in unison to shut down their prison planet scheme.

That’s why it is essential you donate what you can to the Infowars Moneybomb. Consider it a War Bond for the Truth. Invest now so we can finish building a multi-front media platform that eclipses and more effectively challenges the corporate media propaganda machine. We have made great strides together. Thank you for making the Infowars operation the tip of the spear.

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