June 8, 2009

Pledge your shield in the Infowar and donate this June 11th!

Alex Jones appeals to patriots and truth seekers to support the Infowar and help us expand in the fight against the global elite. By donating, you help us combat the trillions of elite dollars spent on New World Order propaganda and eugenics programs with mere hundreds of thousands aimed at expanded coverage online and on-air. With these funds, the fire of liberty will spread, and freedom can prevail.

Alex tours through the studio and offices to show firsthand what he was able to do with the funds from the first ever moneybomb last year. Alex hopes to match the $250,000 raised last year that enabled the office to grow; with these new funds, he will ramp up the video production facilities and square foot available to fight full-force. With your help, Alex will reawaken millions more to liberty and resistance against the control of the New World Order.

[efoods]Like it or not, Alex Jones has become our biggest weapon of resistance against the New World Order. We have a duty to get the message out and stop what is happening; Alex has proven that through the websites, films and his daily radio broadcast, we can reach millions of listeners and gain the critical mass that is needed for victory. Help Alex raise the capital necessary to become a true worldwide beacon of freedom that can penetrate enemy resistance and reach the people in time.

Spread the word and do your part to push tyranny back yet again! Calling all arms to the moneybomb; donate this June 11th!

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