Alex Jones has blasted Apple CEO Tim Cook for spearheading Big Tech’s ban of Infowars, calling Cook a hypocrite who is trying to bring Communist Chinese-style Internet censorship to America.

Last week, it was reported that Tim Cook personally made the call to ban the Infowars podcast. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg then immediately followed suit after learning of Cook’s decision.

Infowars founder Jones slammed Cook in a series of tweets today, calling him, “the same guy who contracts with the oppressive regime in China and Foxconn factories at which mistreated workers commit mass suicide,” a reference to employees who build Apple products laboring under intolerable conditions.

“Cook also styles himself as a gay rights activist, yet moves Apple to China, a country that bans LGBT marches and discriminates against gays,” added Jones.

“In arbitrarily silencing Infowars, Cook is bringing Communist Chinese-style web control to America while Google simultaneously building a censored version of its search engine in China. Everything they do in China will eventually come to America. Mark my words. It already is,” warned Jones.

He then turned his attention to Mark Zuckerberg, who reportedly said privately that he “doesn’t care” about publishers, before warning them, “I’ll be holding your hands with your dying business like in a hospice.”

“These are the thugs we are allowing to control the public discourse and so-called “liberals” celebrate it. Bizarre,” said Jones.

He finished by announcing that Infowars will be launching a meme contest based around ridiculing Cook and that details would follow.

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