Alex Jones’ Audio Blog
April 11, 2011

Alex Jones

Listen here:

Alex often wakes up at night wanting to take down the thoughts running through his head, so he adopted his audio blog format to try to capture that state of mind. It is admittedly an experiment– he is still a bit dazed, for instance, during the beginning of the blog. Yet in many ways, Alex is more calm and focused at home and in peace, allowing for greater reflection on humanity’s bigger picture.

Later, Alex picks up the recording again on his drive into the studio, analyzing the system as a hollowed-out wall plagued by termites, observing the police state that now surrounds us and commenting on a recent Supreme Court decision that encourages prosecutors to lie and fabricate evidence. Alex then shares some of his encounters in daily life with power-tripping cops, security guards and ordinary individuals. While his on-the-fly rantings may be a different pace from his radio show, there are plenty of golden nuggets throughout.

Let Alex know what you think.

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