Glenn Beck is still denying Facebook’s censorship of conservatives despite Mark Zuckerberg admitting otherwise, Alex Jones pointed out.

“Even the [liberal] Washington Post sits there and goes ‘yeah, a lot of censorship is starting to happen – it really can happen – and we shouldn’t let it happen,’ some members of the press are getting it, but not Glenn Beck,” Alex Jones said on his show Tuesday. “He’s there to tell you it doesn’t exist even when they admit it exists.”

Citing a Breitbart article, Jones also pointed out that Beck’s in damage control after conservative and libertarian pundits blasted him for acting as Zuckerberg’s manservant.

“Beck says Facebook leans left because conservatives don’t know how to use social media,” he said. “Yeah, forget the Facebook whistleblowers, forget their own internal reports saying ‘yeah, we didn’t do it at the top, our own employees did…’ No, no, no, it didn’t happen [according to Beck.]”

“He thinks his listeners are so stupid that they’re not going to look that up.”

But not only is Beck downplaying the censorship, but he even approved of it.

“Last week he came out and said ‘Yeah, there is some radical stuff that needs to be censored’ and ‘Yeah, we need to censor, Zuckerberg is an incredible guy and as long as my stuff get out there…’ This is sick,” Jones continued. “I’m not going after just Beck here, but he is the example of someone who claims he’s with us, but is openly against us.”

“He is worse than John Boehner, worse than Paul Ryan because we’ve always known those guys were establishment people but Beck is a trojan horse.”

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