Aaron Dykes & Alex Jones
April 8, 2010

In a call to action, Alex Jones reminds fellow patriots and activists that the films we make are tools to awaken and inform the public who have been kept in the dark about the real mechanisms that control our world. Regular listeners and patriots may already understand the agenda for world government, however, decades of television watching and public schooling has effectively washed away and buried the real history from The People, who must again learn the truth.

Thus, Alex urges supporters to redouble the effort to educate our friends and neighbors and ultimately take back our Republic. Invisible Empire is a powerful crash course on who the New World Order really is, how their complex system functions and what it is trying to achieve.

Please get this film on DVD or start your activist library with a subscription at PrisonPlanet.tv. It is easier than ever to share this essential information with the people you know– through DVDs, high-quality downloads, Alex Jones on 24/7 Podcast, the iPhone, and at the websites and in so many other ways.

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