May 4, 2011

This rant is all about reality vs. illusion. As Alex Jones recently told the Washington Post, he’s not the King of Conspiracy; he’s the King of Reality. This is all too obvious as Alex puts the hoax surrounding Bin Laden’s death into perspective, and puts a few doubters in their place.

Alex unleashes on a caller who refuses to face the facts, just after betting UK radio host a cool million pounds that he can back up his claims: ‘You can’t handle the truth’; I gave you source & date– offers proof of White Slavery, U.N. run human trafficking rings; opium, oil and geopolitics as real ‘trifecta’ behind Afghanistan; exposes legacy of admittedly phony Bin Laden videos; lack of evidence over death & his alleged crimes; experts agree with Alex, including Pakistani ISI General Hamid Gul and U.S. counter-terrorism expert Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik; Alex rejects suggestions that he be silenced over ‘hate speech’; calls out ‘mind controlled weasel’ who ‘enjoys solace in joining hive-borg of weak disinformation’; you’re no intellectual, you’re no one to dictate reality to me…

talkSPORT (UK) 5/3/2011 – Host Ian Collins
Alex Jones has appeared many times on the overnight UK program talkSPORT, but during this particular show Alex goes off on a programmed mind controlled subject who refuses to look up the sources of Alex’s topics. Enjoy as Alex tries to insert a red pill into another sheep.

It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.

-Samuel Adams


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