The FBI’s decision to not recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton, despite listing her numerous offenses, is an arrogant ‘Declaration of Independence’ against the rule of law, radio host Alex Jones said.

“Make no mistake: what you’ve seen happen is another signpost showing how deep we’ve gone down the rat hole, and this is really an arrogant ‘Declaration of Independence’ against the rule of law,” he said Tuesday.

Jones pointed out the FBI previously recommended felony charges against General Petraeus for sharing classified information with his mistress, a far lesser offense than what FBI Director James Comey admitted Clinton likely did while sharing classified information over her unsecured, private e-mail server.

Colin Powell, who served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the early 90s, also used a personal e-mail account to send classified data, but as Jones said, use of e-mail was “brand new” in the executive branch of the government at the time and the rules and regulations Clinton broke were developed after Powell left office.

“That’s why [Clinton] was ordering [her staff] to cut the headers off of classified material, and she knew her servers were compromised – I guarantee you what this is her selling classified data,” Jones said. “It’s a dropbox, and then she can plausibly say ‘I didn’t know anybody was getting in there.’”

“It’s better than going to the park and putting the briefcase under the bench, as countless spies have been caught doing.”

And last week’s secret airport meeting between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton shows the criminal intent, he added.

“There’s also clear charges she’s lied to federal officers and clear evidence she has tried to deceive Congress, and the FBI director is clearly compromised and is clearly moving this country toward light-speed dictatorship because the sky’s the limit,” Jones added. “Imagine if you’re Hillary Clinton right now, what’s going through your mind: you can get away with anything!”

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