September 15, 2011

Since going on air in 1996, Alex Jones has made a number of startling predictions that have come to pass, including his much talked about warning in July of 2001 that the government would blame Osama bin Laden and the documented CIA asset al-Qaeda for the September 11, 2001, attacks in New York and Washington, D.C.

In order to underscore the fact Jones and his writers and guests are often correct in their political analysis – due to their paying attention to what the elite say and write – and as a concerted effort to draw attention to the truth, Alex has decided to hold another contest.

Contest entries will document the numerous instances when Alex pointed out things that would happen – for instance, the mass fear-mongering surrounding the hyped-up Swine flu “pandemic” that was exploited to call for widespread vaccinations. Another example is Alex’s prediction that Glenn Beck would dredge up debunked information and rumors circulating on the internet to discredit the demonstrable reality of FEMA camps.

Jones is looking for visually dynamic and engaging videos. He is particularly interested in videos that include evidence that the government and officialdom announced events before they occurred.

Alex will award $5,000 in prizes to the top three videos. The prizes break out as follows:

First place: $3,000

Second place: $1,500

Third place: $500

More detailed contest rules will be forthcoming.

On his September 7 show, Alex said he would have a short turn-around on the contest – between one and two weeks – but has since decided to extend the deadline. Details will appear on and Prison shortly.

In the meantime, get busy on your video. The idea is to expose that the global elite do indeed advertise their nefarious plans ahead of time.

Alex Jones is not so much a prognosticator as somebody who takes the elite deadly serious and pays attention to their announcements that are usually hidden in plain sight.

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