Editor’s note: We have it from high level sources The Hollywood Reporter was ordered to pull their interview with Alex Jones, possibly by elements within the Central Intelligence Agency.  Jones says he spoke to sources who said they’d never seen anything like it before. In the interest of free speech, Infowars is re-publishing this article. 

Original story continues below…

“I talk to the president quite a bit,” says the controversial Infowars host and Trump fri end, now at the center of a media scandal thanks to the NBC host’s interview set to air this Sunday.

Megyn Kelly and NBC News have faced heavy criticism for a plan to air an interview this Sunday with Alex Jones, the controversial purveyor of the Infowars website and radio outlet who is routinely accused of spreading false conspiracy theories. Already, J.P. Morgan is insisting its ads not run during the Father’s Day airing of Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly while Sandy Hook Promise has dumped Kelly as host of a planned fundraiser because Jones has claimed the Sandy Hook mass murders were a hoax. The Hollywood Reporter spoke exclusively to Jones about the growing controversy.

What’s your answer to those who say NBC shouldn’t give a spotlight to you?

That’s fine, don’t air the piece, because from the promos NBC has run Megyn is distorting me. They’re acting like I double-downed on Sandy Hook by saying nobody died there when I simply explored three theories: that another group killed the kids; or that they used actors; or the story is all true. I played devil’s advocate because the Internet didn’t believe the official story. I said three or four years ago it happened, but then when I said it again a year ago they said, “Oh look, he’s changing his story.”

Are you surprised NBC hasn’t caved into the pressure yet?

I think it’s a bunch of PR. Kelly speaks to Sandy Hook groups.

Well, one of them just canceled on Kelly because of her interview with you.

I know. I think that’s part of the operation. I can’t prove it, but it has all the markings of a PR stunt. The minute she put that promo out there, there were groups calling for boycotts. It was basically instantaneous.

Who started this campaign to boycott?

Chelsea Clinton. She was the first person I saw who tweeted there should be a boycott. This is a lady who in Wikileaks admitted her parents were swindling 97 percent of the relief money for Haiti, so she’s got a lot of blood on her hands.

Is NBC News “fake news”?

Fake news lives at NBC. They basically made me look like a Halloween character. They interviewed me from 9:30 a.m. til 10:45 p.m. and the promo piece was completely edited into something I never said. This is one of the biggest stories in the country and I said a day ago that I agree, they should cancel the airing of this. They’re airing it on Father’s Day so they can run around saying, “On Father’s Day, he attacks families.” Give me a break. This is all garbage from the PR department. All’s I said is that my audience saw anomalies at Sandy Hook. Clearly, CNN was faking locations, there is some fake stuff, that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, so I said maybe a larger organization carried it out because the person who supposedly carried it out was incompetent. We had debates and looked at all three sides of it. I’m not running away from Sandy Hook. I watched the parents on TV and thought, “Those are either Oscar-winning actors or this really happened like they said.” I think it really happened… but I question the media just like most of the public questions the media. I’m successful because when I don’t know what’s going on I look at every angle.

Have you spoken to any of the Sandy Hook parents?

I’ve tried to get them on and they’ve refused for four years. I have had a bunch of newspaper writers on who disagreed with some of the other guests I’ve had who think the whole official story is true. Kids were killed at school and I think it should be investigated because a White House chief of staff said he thinks a crisis shouldn’t go to waste. They had porta-potties ordered an hour after, and clearly, there were PR firms involved exacerbating it.

What would be the motivation?

To absolutely maximize the next school shooting tragedy to go after the Second Amendment and frighten gun owners collectively for the horror of dead children.

How large is the audience at Infowars?

It was 87 million at its peak last year, before that it was 30 million a week at all our platforms, and now it’s about 45 million a week.

Why are people drawn to you more than ever before?

We don’t have talking points. We have a big, freeform deal that people like because they want unfiltered debate. Half the time when I start my show, I don’t even know what my opinion is, because I’m looking at a big stack of clips and we figure it out together. So the mainstream media will take me playing devil’s advocate or making a joke — like when I wore a lizard outfit from Star Trek, and they said, “Oh look, he thinks he’s a lizard.” No, I was being an actor. Then they say, “Oh, everything he does is an act.” No, when I was that character it was an act. My audience knows the difference, but the media is playing games and acting like I’m a fake.

How well do you know President Trump?

My movement of reawakening America and rebooting 1776 is very close to him because the president sees a third of the people at his rallies wearing Infowars t-shirts or “Hillary for Prison” shirts. So the president and Steve Bannon and others know that I’m just promoting Americana. We’re singing from the same sheet of music. We didn’t write it, America wrote it. I talk to the president quite a bit, but I miss a lot of his phone calls because I tend to not stay up past 10 at night. It’s not about bragging I talk to the president, the president finishes my sentences sometimes because he’s the real deal, and that’s why we’re synced up — God, guns, John Wayne, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, free-market capitalism and 1776.

Does your association with him hurt the president’s credibility?

The media tries to hurt the president with his association with me, but that gives him the Rock n’ Roll aura. It all comes out in the wash because the president doesn’t turn on his boosters and supporters like other politicians. That’s what makes him a statesman. But I don’t rise and fall with him and he doesn’t rise and fall with me. We love America but we differ on a lot of issues. He doesn’t get his marching orders from me, he gets them from George Washington.

You really don’t want NBC to air your Megyn Kelly interview?

Isn’t it newsworthy that I’m saying, don’t air the interview since I saw the promo piece? None of the media will pick it up … they just want me to be the devil because I’m the alternative media. That’s not going to get people to trust the mainstream media.

Is it accurate to call you a conspiracy monger?

There is a corporate, world conspiracy in world government, and I question official stories. But to call someone a conspiracy monger is like saying “don’t let black people or women vote.” It’s a way to dehumanize me like my ideas don’t count. Like George Orwell says, “Telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

What about the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers?

Day One there was a stand-down plan. Criminal elements in our government working with radical Islam carried out the attacks, just like we saw in Manchester when there were orders to stand down, or in San Bernardino. It doesn’t mean the government did the attacks, it just means criminal elements along with radical Islam knew about them.

Some on the left say you’re one of the most dangerous people in media? Who do you think the most dangerous person in the media is?

The big corporations who put out the talking points are the most dangerous. They’re nameless, faceless. Who calls me the most dangerous?

Media Matters and others like them.

I like that. I want to be dangerous. I want to wake people up. I want to change things.

What’s the biggest story right now being ignored by the mainstream media?

I talked about it with Megyn Kelly and they made a joke about it. They’re splicing humans and animals together and they just have no right. It’s dehumanizing. It’s in all the major medical publications.

That sounds like a Seinfeld episode, the one where Kramer thought he found a pig-man. Is that for entertainment value or you really think scientists are crossing animals with humans?

It’s frustrating. Anybody can spend 10 seconds Googling “MIT animal-human hybrids.” I reported it 20 years ago. It’s out of control and it’s not publicized but it’s going on right under the surface. Whoever first documents it and shows it all, actually shows that humanoids are being brought to term instead of killing it at the embryonic level is gonna get the real Pulitzer Prize.

Any thoughts on Kathy Griffin figuratively beheading Trump, or a Shakespeare troupe figuratively stabbing him to death?

They claim I’m being hurtful by misappropriating things I’ve said and meanwhile they’re running around saying “kill Trump.” It shows how disconnected a lot of people are. It’s crazy. I haven’t called for attacking anybody who hasn’t already physically attacked somebody.

Who is the most powerful person in media right now?

Donald Trump.

Give me your best example of fake news?

WMDs in Iraq. But Trump colluding with the Russians is the new WMDs-were-found-in-Iraq lie. It’s the new giant hoax.

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