Alex Jones gives a rousing behind the scenes direct message about the extensive LIVE INFOWARS coverage of the 2014 Mid-term elections. Watch it now:

Starting at 6 Central -Watch the coverage live here:

Also follow breaking news and updates here:

Join us as Alex and the INFOWARS crew give an incisive, non-scripted, running commentary on the gripping developments of this exciting election evening. There will be live on-location reports, exclusive interviews, special reports and the detailed analysis you’ve come to demand form the INFOWARS team.

Watch LIVE tonight on starting at 6:00 p.m central time tonight!

Here is an exclusive, behind-the-scenes peek only for our faithful Underground Insider Newsletter subscribers. Watch as News Director Rob Dew, lays out the battle plan for the talent and technical crew for the full night of Live Election Coverage. He details the show rundown, fields questions from the reporters and deals with technical issues on the fly. Watch this intimate discussion as the INFOWARS crew war-games the action plan to assemble this insightful night of INFOWARS election coverage.

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