Melissa Melton
January 8, 2013


Alex Jones appeared on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight last night to deliver a clear message: “You are not going to take our guns.”

While Piers attempted to ask leading questions peppered with isolated gun statistics to paint a false picture of reality in the wake of the Connecticut school shooting, Alex educated Piers on the real reason America has a Second Amendment and why it is necessary to preserve it.

Globalism is trying to overthrow our Republic and take over the world.

After stating his position on the banning American citizens from owning semi-automatic weapons and high-capacity magazines in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, Piers Morgan began his interview with Alex Jones on CNN last night by asking, “Why do you want to deport me?”

Alex’s answer? “We did it to point out this is globalism.”

The reason our forefathers penned the Second Amendment was to keep the power in the hands of the people and stave off a tyrannical government. America is one of the last bastions of freedom when it comes to private firearm ownership.

Now China is openly calling for us to be disarmed. This is the same country where the communist party killed nearly 77 million people between 1949 and 1987. Why so many? It was easy. They were disarmed.

Indeed, the Obama Administration has now been joined by talking heads from China, Russia, Australia, and, of course, Britain in this massive attack on our Second Amendment.

A Washington Times article from August 24, 2012, discussed, “The Obama Administration Plan to Disarm America” in relation to our president setting the U.S. “on a course for unilateral disarmament” of our nuclear weapons as well.

Disarming America is all part of a bigger plan.

The U.S. government is armed to the teeth against its own people.

Just last week, Infowars reported that DHS just purchased another 200,000 rounds of ammunition in addition to the over 1.6 billion the agency has already bought over the last year.

All the bullets bought will be added to the hundreds of pieces of riot gear, monstrous armored SWAT trucks, bulletproof guard shacks, and 24 predator drones DHS owns. DHS does not fight foreign wars; it is a domestic-only operation. These purchases are not meant to be used engaging foreign enemies in some faraway land. Many people falsely believe that ‘Homeland Security’ is for securing the homeland.

Protecting the homeland really means maintaining continuity of government, not protecting the public.

And the DHS is just one armed U.S. government entity.

As Alex mentioned to Piers, Operation Fast and Furious was perpetrated by the U.S. government to demonize the Second Amendment in a treasonous attempt to disarm the American people on record.

Again, the Second Amendment was deemed necessary to ensure the balance of power – to ensure government is not the only one with guns. As Alex told Piers, “The Second Amendment isn’t there for duck hunting. It’s there to protect us from tyrannical government.”

Statistics show more guns – not gun control – equals less crime.

Paul Joseph Watson reported yesterday the number of guns in America has increased over the last four decades while serious violent crimes have decreased. The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports show violent crime has consistently plunged over the last five years.

We have also reported that statistics show gun control laws do not prevent crime. While Piers’ home country does report less gun murders because of draconian police state citizen disarmament, the U.K. has also been deemed “The violent crime capital of Europe,” with one of the highest reported violence rates in the world.

Legal prescription drugs kill more Americans every year than guns.

A 40-year trend is hard to easily dismiss, so gun grabbers like Piers Morgan have to politicize events like the Sandy Hook shooting and isolate and spout a single statistic: the number of people killed in America every year by a gun.

However, guns are nowhere near the biggest killer in America each year.

Here’s a huge number no one is talking about: the Food and Drug Administration has admitted legal prescription medications kill over 100,000 people every year. In 2009, the LA Times reported that drug overdoses had doubled over the last decade, had outnumbered traffic fatalities in the U.S., and were fueled by an increase in people who died from taking too many prescription narcotics.

The detrimental effect of pharmaceuticals led into Alex’s next two points.

The number one cause of death by injury in the U.S. is SUICIDE.

Firearms aren’t the biggest killer by injury in America. As Alex noted, according to a recently released study, more American lives are taken by suicide now than any other type of harm.

Half of all firearm deaths in the U.S. are actually suicides. More guns are fired during suicides than during homicides in America.

Many mass shooters have been on dangerous prescription antidepressants.

Here’s another fact the mainstream media isn’t talking about: antidepressants, or Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs), have been linked to many of the mass shootings that have occurred here in the U.S. in the past decade.

Infowars has been reporting on shooters with a history of antidepressant use for years. Prescription medications were seized from the Aurora shooter‘s home. Even suspected Newtown shooter Adam Lanza has been labeled as having a “personality disorder” and a “mental illness,” phrases Mike Adams of Natural News points out are typically used to describe people who are prescribed psychotropic drugs.

Side effects on many of these drugs include violent behavior, agitation, mania, hostility, anxiety, mood swings, and suicidal tendencies. In 2011, a Canadian judge even ruled that SSRIs can cause children to commit murder.

Citizen disarmament leads to democide – death by government.

Governments are the greatest cause of unnatural human death in the 20th century. All infamous dictators who have murdered their own people in mass – including Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Mao, and Pol Pot – disarmed these citizens first.

The Second Amendment is meant to protect us against tyrannical government, but what it ultimately protects us from is death by democide.

Alex: “I’m here to tell you 1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms.”

As Alex told Piers, “Just because there are criminals, I don’t lose my guns.”

As we’ve reported again and again, gun control would not have stopped the Sandy Hook shooting or any criminal shooting. Stealing guns to break into a supposedly gun-free zone and murder children…these are crimes. Criminals who commit crimes obviously do not obey laws. That is why they are called criminals. Laws do not prevent crime, they are merely there to punish it.

In the wake of the tragic Connecticut school massacre, we have witnessed an all out war on our 2nd Amendment rights, culminating in Senator Dianne Feinstein calling for draconian anti-gun legislation which Obama says he will put his “full weight” behind.

Bringing up a single, standalone statistic like the number of gun deaths is a ploy to pull on people’s heartstrings while ignoring the whole truth about what is really going on here: disarmament.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, who was later implicated in the anti-Second Amendment Operation Fast and Furious even attempted to start a campaign to, “really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way” back in 1995.

This plan to disarm America in a bid for a total takeover has been in the works for a long time, but exposing this agenda as Alex did on CNN last night is one way to fight this treason and take our Republic back.

Alex’s outrage is absolutely justified.

While Alex has garnered criticism for his demeanor on Piers’ show last night, America is facing a truly dark hour.

If someone’s house is burning down, the time for calm discussion has long passed. It’s time to bang on the door, yell and scream, raise the house, and get people to listen to help save their lives.

As Mike Adams’ explains, “If our only aim is to remain polite and ‘proper,’ we will all be quietly enslaved, disarmed, bankrupted and corralled into the dark depths of government corruption and coercion. The time to be polite is over. It’s time we all got fired up and called the bluff of the corrupt, criminal elite.”

We have to contact our politicians and tell them to uphold our Constitution and Second Amendment.

Even the White House has put up a page to “Share Your Thoughts on Reducing Gun Violence” following the Connecticut shooting to “get something meaningful done.” Contact them and let them know this tragedy does not mean they can dismantle the Constitution!

Contacting the Database

U.S. Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121

It’s exactly like Alex said last night, “The establishment knows…no matter how much propaganda, the Republic will rise again when you attempt to take our guns.”

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