January 7, 2009

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  Alex announces the auctioning of the "Tyranny Crusher 1" bullhorn on his TV show on January 7, 2009.

Alex’s legendary Alex Jones’ “Tyranny Crusher 1” Bullhorn Auctioned at eBay bullhorn, veteran of numerous battles against the New World Order, is up for auction on eBay. The Radioshack Powerhorn 32-2038A bullhorn was used by Alex in his role as the Street Prophet in Richard Linklater’s film, A Scanner Darkly, and was put into action at many other political events around the country.

Alex decommissioned the bullhorn after it was damaged by a zealous MSNBC employee outside of the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado, in 2008.

The money generated from the auction will be used to expand the multimedia studio at the Infowars command center in Austin, Texas.

Tyranny Crusher 1 does not currently work, due to the damage inflicted by MSNBC, but it can be repaired and put back into service or it can be kept as Alex Jones memorabilia. It is autographed by Alex and will be shipped to the top bidder with a certificate of authenticity.

Go to eBay and make a bid on this one-of-a-kind item.

A clip of Tyranny Crusher 1 coming under attack in Denver

Alex and Tyranny Crusher 1 featured in a Scanner Darkly

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