Alex Jones and Infowars repeatedly warned that the media would be targeted for attacks that would bolster that narrative that President Trump is inciting violence, specifically predicting that an attack on the media would occur in October exactly as has transpired.

Along with mail bombs sent to George Soros, the Clintons and several other Democrat-aligned public figures, a suspicious package addressed to former CIA director John Brennan caused the evacuation of CNN headquarters earlier today.

While always being careful to disavow violence, Alex Jones predicted that such attacks would happen on multiple occasions.

“They keep saying on CNN and MSNBC Trump’s going to cause violent attacks on the media when all he does is respond back to them and call them liars,” said Jones in an August 15 video.

“They’re either going to provocateur a crazy or they’re planning a false flag on themselves….now I’m sure….I think they’re planning a false flag against Big Tech or against CNN,” he added.

Jones also pointed out that the media repeatedly lied about him promoting the use of “battle rifles” against the media when in reality he was talking about self defense and home defense.

“I’m sure now that this is one of their big October surprises, to stage something, to provocateur something and blame it on me,” said Jones.

In the same video, Roger Stone also predicted that “false flag” attacks against the media would be blamed on Trump supporters and Jones.

In numerous monologues stretching back for almost three months, Jones tried to raise the alarm that incidents would occur to demonize Trump and his supporters as violent domestic terrorists.

Back on August 7, we even posted an article specifically telling people not to engage in violence against the media.

“Do NOT publicly harass Big Tech giants, the mainstream media or anyone else pushing mass censorship. Don’t do it. Just say no to violence,” we wrote.


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